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Preparing migration

For those who have used the former jUpgrade extension you should pay attention to the fact that there has been a shift in how the migration works in general.

With jUpgrade you migrated from within joomla 1.5 and out. With jUpgradePRO this changed.

Now you start with a clean install of joomla 2.5 or joomla 3.0 with no demodata. In this target site you install the jUpgradePRO component and configure its settings.

Dependend on the method chosen you will need to do the following:

As mentioned before, jUpgradePro has 2 methods to migrate. Database or RESTful. You need to choose which method you'd like to use in order to configure the jUpgradePRO settings correctly. If you are new with all this, we recommend the RESTful method.

Database Method

You must have the following parameters from your joomla 1.5 source site mysql server:

•MySQL Server Hostname
•Mysql Server Username
•MySQL Server Password
•Joomla Prefix

IMPORTANT! If you install jUpgradePRO component on different server, you must be sure that the MySQL credentials has the correct permissions to access from other server than localhost.

RESTful Method

To use this method:

1.You must install the jUpgradePRO plugin in the old Joomla 1.5 source site that you like to migrate.
2.Then go to "Plugin Manager" > "System - jUpgrade".
3.Enable the plugin and set a secret key of your choise.
4.Install a new fresh Joomla 2.5/3.0 installation on a new website.
5.Install jUpgradePRO into the new target site.
6.Configure the component with the hostname, username (of Joomla 1.5), password (of Joomla 1.5) and the secret key you chose.

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