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Subscription policies

redSHOP is released for free to the general public for evaluation and use. A subscription package will need to be purchased in order to access modules and plug-ins developed by the Support Team, the subscription level purchased determining which extensions are accessible. Note that subscriptions also enable access to additional redCOMPONENT extensions.

There are three subscription packages currently available for purchase:

  1. 3 month subscription - It has limited addons (components, modules and plugins) + limited access to support forums and manual upgrade and limited access to other extensions on
  2. 12 Month subscription - includes access to the quite a few more addons but also to subscriber support forums and partial access to all components on and manual upgrade.
  3. 12 Month Pro subscription - is the full package with all extensions (85+), Email and Subscriber Support forum access, FULL ACCESS to ALL extensions on and in a very near future we will enable the automatic upgrade system for Pro subscribers too so your redSHOP can be upgraded by a single click of a button.

Further information is available on the redCOMPONENT Subscriptions Page.

Technical support

In addition to the free support available in the redCOMPONENT forums, purchasing a redCOMPONENT subscription entitles subscribers to advanced support from the Support Team, who will be available to assist with installations and set-ups of redSHOP on client sites, as well as maintenance and on-site issue resolutions.


Purchasing a redCOMPONENT subscription entitles subscribers to updates for all extensions designed by redCOMPONENT for the duration of the subscription period.

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