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General description

redDEBUG is a diagnostic tool made for Joomla! developers, who need an in-depth view of the code and actions being executed by their extension and the Joomla! and PHP environments they are working on. It can work in Joomla! frontend and backend, and it can present an advanced error diagnostic tool when 404 and 500 errors are present.

Find the redDEBUG at redDEBUG product page

Debugging Features

When redDEBUG is active, it will present a fixed footer bar with several diagnostic tools, including the following:

Joomla! diagnostics and execution

System information

It contains general execution and diagnostic information like execution time, allocated memory, number of files read and general PHP execution and environment information.

Reddebug systeminfo.png


Even if development mode is off, this stacked window will present with any notice, deprecated message and warning that pops up during the execution. So now your execution window can be clean and you can focus on this red warning to notice there are some warnings you need to take care of to clean up your code.

Reddebug errors.png


This stacked window presents with all the plugins-related information, including the executed triggers and their time and memory consumption. Specially useful to detect bottlenecks coming from plugin execution.

Reddebug plugins.png


Related to the plugin information, the event window displays the system, content and every other events that are being triggered, with their plugin-related information to cross-match between these two windows.

Reddebug events.png


Another stacked window, made for displaying information related to modules, including each module's diagnostic information, content, parameters and other information like their position.

Reddebug modules.png

Template parameters

Since Joomla! can contain a lot of parameter-based display, this stacked window presents with the active template parameters being used in the particular diagnosed view.

Reddebug templateparams.png


It contains the Joomla! global configuration used.

Reddebug configuration.png


The user window is particularly useful for diagnosing the logged-in user information, including all their settings and stored data that affect this particular user.

Reddebug user.png

Joomla! Information

This contains the information related to the Joomla! installation, including its version, development status and released date, amongst other general information.

Reddebug joomlainfo.png


This view presents with all the information related to the current component, including its template information, stylesheets, loaded javascripts, charset and language information and all the loaded variables and arrays used for the component itself.

Reddebug component.png

PHP-related information and diagnostics


The request window presents with all the parameters that are being transported to the latest call, to diagnose client/server communication.

Reddebug request.png


This window contains information about every single processed PHP file, and their type information.

Reddebug files.png


For a deeper view in PHP, the classes window presents with all the used classes within this execution, including the component or the file where they are executed.

Reddebug classes.png


This window contains all the constants used within this execution, and their respective values.

Reddebug constants.png


For regular PHP diagnostics, this window presents with all the server environment values, which are handled by PHP itself.

Reddebug server.png


Also for allowing session debugging, this window presents with every session variable set for this execution.

Reddebug session.png


Just as its name says, this window presents with all the cookies being used in the current execution.

Reddebug cookies.png

PHP Initialization file (php.ini)

This window presents with every single variable (local and global) set in the php.ini file for this execution.

Reddebug phpini.png

Error diagnostics

When you are experiencing an execution error (that leads to a 404 or 500 error for instance), redDEBUG will present with a diagnostic window to help you narrow down and track the origin of the error. The diagnostic window contains the specific error line (and code) of the error and each line of the execution stack, to help you get to the actual problem with the code or Joomla!.

Source file

Reddebug sourcefile.png

Stack trace

Reddebug stacktrace.png

Available configuration

When configuring the redDEBUG plugin, you will find the following options available

IP-based restriction

You can define a group of IPs to show the debug information. If you decide to do so, only those IP addresses will see the debug footer and errors diagnostics. If you don't restrict any particular address, the debug and diagnostics windows will be available globally.

Reddebug ipbased.png

Global switches

You can decide whether to: •Offline: use redDEBUG only in Joomla! offline mode. Default is "disabled" so it will show even when Joomla! is online. •SEF: when set, you will turn off the SEF mode, so that you can debug the native Joomla! URLs. •In Admin: when set, you will be able to use redDEBUG in Joomla! backend (it's disabled by default).

Reddebug globalswitches.png

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