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redEVENT - Manage online bookings for social events at unlimited venues


Introduction to redEVENT

Section 1 material

  1. What is redEVENT?
  2. Why choose redEVENT / Overview of features
  3. License
  4. Subscription technical support policy
  5. Subscription updates policy

Getting Started

Section 2 material

  1. Minimum requirements
    • php 5
    • latest joomla 1.5.x
    • corresponding version of redform
  2. Installing redEVENT
    • just install as any other component, from the joomla install panel
  3. Troubleshooting and Considerations
    1. PHP Settings
    2. Host Settings (+plug for redHOST)
    3. File / folder permissions
  4. Quick start

Administration views


From this view, you get an overview of the number of events and venues, and links to all the administration parts of redEVENT.

Administration menu
Administration menu



This is of course one the main places of redEVENT administration. From this view, you can:

Use dropdowns and text input on top the columns to filter the events list.



Each event can take place in one or several session(s). A session in fact defines where, and when the event it belongs to takes places, as well as the registrations details.

From the toolbar you can:

From the sessions list rows, you can:



Clicking on the main 'registrations' link will take you to the general view of attendees, sorted by date.

On the list, if you click on a session title, you will be taken to the list of registrations for just that session:

Session attendees
Session attendees

From this view toolbar, you can:

From the list rows, you can:



From this view, you can manage the list of venues for your events



From this view, add new categories to assign your events to. Note that categories can be nested.



Access groups

Access groups
Access groups

The access groups are the way redEVENT manages ACL. Through groups, you can give it's members the proper rights to edit/add new events and sessions, to selected categories

Group members

Group members
Group members

From this view, you can add new members to redEVENT ACL groups, and define what they are allowed to do

Group acl

Group acl
Group acl

From this view, you define which categories, venues categories and venues the member of the groups are allowed to manges, i.e, where they are allowed to add/edit events/venues/sessions, etc...

Venue categories

Venue categories
Venue categories

Text library

Text library
Text library

The text library allows you to define redEVENT custom tags, which can then be used in other fields for the cck system (in events descriptions, notifications, etc...)

Custom fields

Custom fields
Custom fields

In this view, you can define custom fields for your events and/or sessions.



Here you can define roles to be used in sessions (like lecturer, manager, etc...)

Price groups

Price groups
Price groups

You can here define different price groups to be used for session pricing upon registration.

Edit css

Edit css
Edit css

Allows you to edit redevent css, to tune the aspect of the component. It's however probably better to just define your own css...



Gives you access to different tools



The log system records problems that might be needed for debugging



Links to redcomponent website...

Frontend views


display a monthly view of events


Display a list of categories

Detailed Categories

display a list of categories with a few active events

Category events

Display events list for a category


Display a events list for a specified day


Display details view of a selected event

Event submission

Allows for frontend users to submit events

Session submission

Allows for frontend users to submit sessions

Venue submission

Allows for frontend users to submit venues

My events

Display list of events the user is attending, and the list of events and venues he can manage


An event search view

Simple list

Displays a list of current published events, optionally filtered (by category, venue, only upcomind events, etc...). Note that it is possible to customized which columns will be displayed thanks to a setting in redEVENT options > events list tab.

Upcoming events

Display a list of upcoming events

Upcoming venue events

Display a list of upcoming events for specified venue

Venue category events

Display a list of events for specified venue category

Venue events

Display a list of events for specified venue

Venues list

Display a list of venues

Venues map

Display a map of venues

Week view

Display a weekly view for events


Event registrations

redEVENT takes advantages of redFORM to allow you to build custom registration forms for your events. You need to install redFORM for redEVENT to be able to work properly, even if you don't use the 'online' registration (for example, for phone registration, you will still need redFORM to manually enter in backend the details of the attendee)

Registrations types

there are 5 types of registrations available for redEVENT:

The webform registration is the only form of registration where the 'attendee' are directly added to the event session. In all the other types, it's up to the administrator to add, or not, the attendees to redEVENT.

Webform registration

Registration form
Registration options
Registration steps

frontend submissions

To set up frontend submission, so that your users can submit events, sessions, or venues, you need to set up proper group ACL first.

tags system


One unique feature of redEVENT is the extensive use of a tag system. Basically, tags are strings you write in your event descriptions, registrations screens, email notifications, etc..., that get substituted at runtime. For example, the tag [event_title] will be replaced by current context active event.

One of the main use of this, is the event description itself. You can indeed either chose to use a 'fixed' default template, which will display the events informations in a standardized way for all your events (that can of course be customized by the use of joomla template overrides), or you can chose to use a 'dynamic' template that will basically only display the event description field itself, with the tags substituted. This way, you can get truly different presentations for all your events.

Tags types

Conditional statements

redEVENT tag replacement supports the use of some conditional statement:

ical exports

rss feeds

social networks



Search module for redEVENT


Redevent Teaser module

Venues events

Shows events associated to venues in dropdown lists.


displays events from redEVENT

Calendar module

Displays a mini monthly calendar of events

Events categories

Displays list of redevent categories


Display the events the user will be attending

All events

Shows all published events from redEVENT.


Search - redEVENT

Search plugin for redEVENT component

Editor Button - event

Adds a button for the editor to display events links.

Simple event list content plugin

Displays a list of events in articles

3rd party integration

plugin - redEVENT - Jomsocial integration

plugin - redMEMBER - redEVENT sync

Adds synchronization from redMEMBER to redEVENT groups

plugin - AutoTweet NG redEVENT

Extension plugin for AutoTweet. The plugin extends AutoTweet for redEVENT. Tweet when creating/editing events. Needs AutoTweet NG Component to work!

plugin - Xmap - redEVENT Plugin


How to update from 2.0 to 2.5

Here is the proper way to update from the 2.0 version for joomla 1.5, to the 2.5 version for joomla 2.5

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