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Downloading redCOMPETITION

Download the latest copy of redCOMPETITION from the Downloads section of the redCOMPONENT site.


Installing redCOMPETITION

Once you have the appropriate version, install the component as you would any other Joomla! extension; visit the Install/Uninstall page in 1.5 or the Extension Manager in 2.5, select the package using the "Browse" button, and click on Upload. A notification will appear to indicate that redCOMPETITION and the redCOMPETITION content plug-in have been installed successfully.


redFORM Requirement

redCOMPETITION relies on the redFORM component to display competitions, and as such it must be installed. If the competition does not appear on the front-end, and you are sure that it is running and is published, check to make sure that the redFORM content plug-in is installed and enabled. redCOMPETITION uses this plug-in to display its contests.


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