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Creating a redFORM for the competition


Managing competitions

Open up redCOMPETITION by clicking on Components -> redCOMPETITION. You will be directed to the "Competitions" listing page, one of the main areas that most administrators will visit. This page can also be accessed using the "Competitions" sub-menu link.


The Competitions listing page is an overview of all the competitions that have been created, their starting and ending dates, and whether they have started and are "running" or not. Also listed are the total number of submissions so far for each competition and the facility to change their published status. Unpublished competitions will not be displayed or available to use.

Each competition also has a special tag which can be used to display it anywhere in the site. The tag consists of the competition ID enclosed by the {competition}{/competition} set. You can use this tag within Joomla! content articles as well as content from third-party components. For example, {competition}2{/competition}. Note: the redCOMPETITION content plugin must be installed and enabled in order for tags to be converted to the competition form.

There are three function buttons to note on this listing screen, "Details", "Contestants" and "Draw Winners". "Details" brings up an overview of the competition settings, including the number of correct entries, and a breakdown of all the winners once they have been drawn or the contest has ended. Simply check the box next to the competition name and click on "Details" to bring up the screen.

"Draw Winners" allows you to manually bring an end to the competition and draw winners from those submissions that have all the correct answers. Simply check the boxes next to the competition names you wish to close and click on the "Draw Winners" button. Note that winners will automatically be drawn when the contest has reached its end date.

If you'd like to see more details on the submissions for each competition, simply check the box next to the competition name and click on the "Contestants" button. This will load up the Contestants listing screen with the form preselected. You can of course do this manually from the Contestants listing screen.

Competition details

When adding a new competition or editing an existing one, there are several options available ranging from basic contest settings to designing the content of the messages contestants will see and the e-mails they will receive after submitting their answers. These settings are grouped under two tabs: Competition and Notification.


This section deals with the basic competition details. Here is where you can label the contest and set whether that label will appear when it is displayed on the front-end. You can pick the redFORM form that will be used to display the contests and collect submissions; any fields on that form will be displayed together with the questions and possible answers of the competition.

This can be useful when wanting to collect additional information from the contestant while they are filling out their answers. Note that every competition requires a redFORM assigned to it, otherwise they cannot be displayed.

There is a space to add a CSS class name to give the form for this competition a unique style hook. You can also set the dates (and times) through which the competition will be running; by default these spaces get filled with the current date and time that the form was created. You can of course set the starting time further off into the future if the contest will be running at a later date. Note that all competitions will come to a close and winners automatically be drawn on the end date that has been set.


You can set the number of winners that each contest can have; if there are more winning submissions then there are number of winners allowed, then all winning submissions will be selected in chronological order. There is also an option to publish or hide the contest at any point in time. Note that even if the contest has started, setting it to unpublished will hide it from view.

You can define the number of times that contestants can submit their answers to this competition in the "Allow multiple participation" field. The options include:

Finally, there is a space to store the message that will appear on the page after a contestant has submitted their answers, confirming that there submission was received. The message can include text, images and other HTML formatted content such as links and lists. A suggestion to start the message can be "Thanks for participating in this contest!... "


Contestant notifications

This section deals with the e-mails that get sent out as a result of a contestant submitting their answers.


If there is someone who needs to be informed whenever a new submission has been made, you can set "Informed contact person" to yes followed by their e-mail address. You can also choose whether any redFORM data and the answers that were collected in the form should be included in that e-mail.

redCOMPETITION can send out three kinds of e-mail:

You can modify the subject title and message body for each e-mail, and include text, images and other HTML formatted content. You can choose whether to send the submission notification e-mail every time a contestant participates or only on their first submission ("Send notifications to new contestants"). You can also choose whether to inform only the winners or everyone who has participated when the competition has ended.



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