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Contestant submissions

Once the contestant has filled in and submitted their answers, a new page will load displaying either the confirmation text or an error message in case something went wrong with their submission.


When your competitions have been going for a while and have gotten a lot of submissions, you can look through and manage all the ones collected so far from within the "Contestants" screen. Click on the "Contestants" sub-menu link to bring up the Contestants listing screen.

On this screen is an overview of all the submissions made, each one identified by a "Submission date" and time stamp. Each submission is listed with the competition the answers are for, followed by the contents of any redFORM fields that were filled in.

The "Newsletter" column indicates if the contestant has signed up for any newsletters (requires redFORM e-mail address field with newsletter plugins). The two remaining columns, "Answer correct" and "Winner" are only filled in once a competition has ended and winners have been drawn.

The word "No" will appear for any submissions which have even one incorrect answer, while submissions with a perfect score will be marked "Yes". These usually end up being the winners, who are indicated by a green tick.

Submissions are listed per competition; to look at the submissions of a different competition, select it from the filter above the "Competition name" column and click on "Go".


There are three function buttons to note on this listing screen, "CSV Export", "XLS Export" and "Details". "Details" brings up a page listing all the questions that appeared and the answers that were given for this submission. Simply check the box next to the competition name and click on "Details" to bring up this screen.


Exporting submissions

redCOMPETITION provides the facility to export all the submissions that have been made into a CSV or XLS file. Simply click on the "Export" button of the file format you wish to export contestant submissions to. Note: files must be exported for each competition.



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