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Using the redCOMPETITION plugin

When you have your competition set up and have added all the questions and answers to each, the next step is to make it available for people to start filling in. There is only one way to publish redCOMPETITIONs; using their competition tag. (Note: while there does appear to be a menu item is available for redCOMPETITION, it leads to the post-submission page and therefore serves no practical purpose at the moment.)

Simply place the tag for the appropriate redCOMPETITION where it should appear within the body of any Joomla! or third-party content. For example, {competition}2{/competition}. It is possible to display multiple redCOMPETITIONs on a single page.



When displayed on the front end, a redCOMPETITION consists mainly of three things: the competition title (if it has been set to show), all the questions and possible answers (and any input boxes), and a "Participate" button. They can also include any additional fields that belong to the redFORM they are associated to.

redCOMPETITION can accept submissions from guests as well as registered users who are logged in. If the guest is participating in the contest, and there is no field provided for them to enter their name, their submission will be identified by IP address.


Most competitions should provide spaces to enter the contestant's name and e-mail address. If the contestant is a registered user and they are logged in to their account prior to loading up the contest, their "name" and "e-mail address" fields will appear automatically filled in.

Once the contestant has filled in and submitted their answers, a new page will load displaying either the confirmation text or an error message in case something went wrong with their submission.

There are two features available in redFORM that may be useful in certain online contest situations:


If the competition does not appear on the front-end, and you are sure that it is running and is published, check to make sure that the redFORM content plug-in is installed and enabled. redCOMPETITION uses this plug-in to display its contests.


Re-designing the competition form

Notes coming soon
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