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Downloading redFORM

You can buy and download the latest copy of redFORM from the redFORM product page section of the redCOMPONENT site.

If you are a 12 month PRO subscriber you can also get the latest version of redFORM directly in the downloads area of your account.

Installing redFORM

Once you have the appropriate version, install the component as you would any other Joomla! extension; visit the Extension Manager, select the package using the "Browse" button, and click on 'Upload & Install'.

3redform installation.png

A notification will appear to indicate that redFORM and the redFORM content plugin have been installed successfully.

3redform install success.png

Configuring redFORM

Open up redFORM by clicking on Components -> redFORM. You will be directed to the "Forms" listing page, one of the main areas where most administrators will visit.

3redform entry page.png
It is recommended before proceeding that you first visit the "Options" page, which stores redFORM's global configuration settings.

3redform config.png

As of the latest release, redFORM has seven general settings:

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