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redFORM submissions

When displayed on the front end, a redFORM mainly consists of three things: the form title (if it has been set to show), the fields related to the form (and any tooltips), and a "Submit" button.
Once the form is been filled and submitted, either the submission notification message will appear or the user will be redirected to any URL specified.


When your forms have been published and have gained some public attention, you can look through and manage all the submissions collected so far from within the "Submitters" screen. Click on the "Submitters" sub-menu link to bring up the Submitters listing screen.


On this screen is an overview of all submissions made, each one identified by a date and time stamp. Each submission also indicates the form that was filled, the unique ID for that submission, and the details filled in for all the fields assigned to that form. Each field will be displayed in its own column, so a form with many fields will have a wide horizontal listing. Clicking on the submission time stamp will allow you to view and modify the contents of that submission.

The listing can be filtered to display submissions for a specific form; simply use the form filter above the "submission date" column and select the form.


Exporting submissions

redFORM provides the facility to export all the submissions that have been made into a CSV file. Simply bring up the list of submissions you wish to export and click on the "CSV Export" button. Conversely, redFORM can also import submissions from a CSV file; click on the "Import" button to bring up the Import screen, select the CSV file and the form into which they should be imported, and click on "Apply".


Submissions from redFORM integrations


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