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Using the redFORM tag in articles

Once you have created your form and configured all its related fields the next step is to publish the form and make it available for people to fill in.
You can publish a redFORM using the form tag directly in an article. It is possible to display multiple redFORMs on a single page.

Using the Form tag

Simply place the tag for the appropriate redFORM where it should appear within the body of any Joomla! content. For example, {redform}1{/redform}.

3redform form tag to article.png

3redform form tag inside article.png

When displayed on the front end, a redFORM mainly consists of three things: the form title (if it has been set to show), the fields related to the form (and any tooltips), and a "Submit" button.
Once the form is been filled and submitted, either the submission notification message will appear or the user will be redirected to any URL specified.


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