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Managing Fields

Once the category structure has been created, the next thing to do would be to start adding items to the directory. Before creating items however, it is recommended to first visit the "Fields" section to customize the kind of information that each item should display.

Click on the "Fields" submenu link to bring up the Fields listing screen. Here is an overview of all the available fields, their field type, and the views in which they should appear. In addition there are facilities to change the order in which fields are displayed (on both the front end and when adding items in the backend) as well as whether they are "published" or not.


Fields that have been unpublished will not be displayed on the front-end, and neither will any information stored for them in search items. In addition, those fields will not appear when adding or editing a new item.

An important distinction to make: a field that is not "visible" will still appear in the item details page in the backend, while one that has been unpublished will not appear anywhere.

Finally there is a search filter available on the top left of the listing view where you can narrow down the fields displayed according to all or part of their field name.

When adding a new field or editing an existing one, you can modify the field name and assign it a unique identifying code. For example, a "Phone number" field could have a field code of "phone". This code will be used to refer to this field in the item templates. (Note: you can only assign the code to a new field; once it has been saved it cannot be changed.)



There are five field types to choose from:

You can set which areas of the "All Items" listings view the field should appear in; the two options include:

You can also set whether this field, and any item information related to it, should appear in search results when using the redITEM Search Module.

Managing Items

Once you have your category structure and set up all the appropriate fields, you can now begin adding items to your redITEM directory.

Click on the "Items" submenu link to bring up the Items listing screen. Here is an overview of all the items stored within redITEM, any keywords associated to each, and the category they are assigned to. There are also facilities to change the order which items are displayed on the front-end and their published status. A search filter is available on the top left which can be used to narrow down the items displayed according to all or part of the item name or the category they belong in.


When adding a new search item or editing an existing one, there are several fields that you can fill in. All published fields from the "Fields" section will be listed first, along with spaces to fill in the relevant information for each. After these custom fields have been filled in, scroll down the page to find four more options.


You can assign an image for the item, sets its published state, and assign the item to its relevant category. You can actually upload multiple images for the same item, however the first one will be used as the item's main image. The others can be displayed in a series of thumbnails on the "See item" template view. Images that are uploaded are stored in the {root}/images/reditem folder, organized by category / item ID.


There is also an option to associate keywords to items to make it easier for site visitors to locate them. Click on the "Keywords" option to bring down a panel listing all the available keywords and a search filter to narrow down specific ones. To associate a keyword, simply check the boxes next to each one; the option label will update to reflect the number of keywords selected.

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