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Managing Categories

The first step in building your redITEM directory is to create the category structure under which your listed items will be organized. It helps to set this structure up first so that you save time when creating items and are able to categorize them straight away. You can always, of course, create and assign categories after-the-fact.

Click on the "Categories" link to bring up the Categories listing screen. On the screen is an overview of all existing categories and the item templates each have been assigned. In addition you can change the order in which they are displayed and their published status. There is also a search filter available to look for specific categories by name.


When adding a new category or editing an existing one, you can modify its name and specify its parent within the category structure. An image can be uploaded and assigned to represent the category on the front-end, and its published state can be modified. (Note: once parent categories that have been unpublished, any associated child categories will be hidden from view on the front-end.)


Each category can also be assigned its own item template, the layout which will be used to display items within this category. Once you have selected the template, you can choose to "Update any subcategories" to use the same template and set whether "Only the empty" ones, or those which have not yet been assigned a template, will be updated, or to override existing template assignments. (Note: if you have not selected a specific template, the default one will be used.)



Managing Keywords

To make it easier for site visitors to locate their items of interest, you can create a series of keywords that will display specific items when the keyword terms have been searched for.

Click on the "Keywords" submenu link to bring up the Keywords listing screen. Here is an overview of all the keywords and phrases stored in redITEM and the items they are associated to. You also have the facility to change the published state for each keyword; keywords that have been unpublished cannot be assigned to items and cannot be used to locate items.


When adding new keywords or editing existing ones, simply fill in the keyword or phrase and set its published state. (Note: you can modify keywords which are already associated to items, they will simply be updated.)


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