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redITEM is a brand new Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5 native MVC component that allows you to create your own items, fields, categories and groups. Items can be anything from different types of animals to jewelry. Define your own fields for your items. Lets say your adding different types of boats to redITEM. If that’s the case you will need fields for boats like information about fuel type, navigation equipment, boat depth etc. All these fields can be added and updated from within the component. redITEM can also be used to create your own custom search form. To do that you will need to install the search module. The search module can be customized from a template in the component. This way you’re able to create your own search form in no time with your OWN fields.

redITEM includes the following features:

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Organizing your items

Adding and managing items

Managing redITEM templates

Adding users to redITEM

Displaying items on the front-end

Exporting your items

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