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redLINKER is a component written for the Joomla! content management system. It allows the site administrator to define a word or short phrase that should either be replaced with different text or have a web address link appended to it. Save tons of hours going through your entire website to create links for internal linkbuilding, links to articles or external pages on specific words.
redLINKER is available for Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5 and free of charge.

Getting Started

Download the latest copy of redLINKER from the Downloads section of the redCOMPONENT site.


Once you have the appropriate version, install the component as you would any other Joomla! extension; visit the Install/Uninstall page in 1.5 or the Extension Manager in 2.5, select the package using the "Browse" button, and click on Upload. A notification will appear to indicate that redLINKER has been installed successfully.


Creating text and link replacements in redLINKER

Open up redLINKER by clicking on Components -> redLINKER . There are only two views to this component;

  1. the "redLINKER" listings page that lists all phrases currently stored and whether there published or not,
  2. the "Add/Edit" page where you can add or modify phrases and the text they will be replaced with or the link that will be appended.


Every redLINKER phrase shares five general settings which can be configured:

When creating a text replacement, simply add the phrase to the "Text to replace" field and the text that it shall be replaced with in the "Enter text or link to replace with" field.


When creating a link replacement, once again add the phrase to the "Text to replace" field, and this time add the web address link/URL in the "Enter text or link to replace with" field and the description for the link in the "Alt value" field. Make sure that "Replaced to Link" has been set to Yes, and you have the option to open the link in a new window if you so choose.


Once a phrase has been stored within redLINKER, any instance of that phrase which appears within the content on the front-end will automatically be replaced. Note that phrases will only be replaced if they have been set to "Published" and the redLINKER content plug-in is enabled.

For example, the word "info" may appear in several articles on the site, and you would like to replace each instance with the word "information" instead without having to open and adjust every article that the word appears in. Once the phrase has been saved and published in redLINKER, "info" will be replaced with "information" automatically throughout the site.

Another example could be in the case where a company brand name, let's say "ACME Tools", appears throughout the content of the site, and you would like to replace the text of the name with a link directing people to the ACME Tools website. Once the phrases been saved and published in redLINKER, all instances of the "ACME Tools" brand name will appear as a clickable link automatically.

You can use redLINKER phrases within Joomla! content, such as categories and articles. They also work within many third-party components, such as K2, Zoo and Flexi Content. In addition, redLINKER can replace words and phrases within core and third-party modules, such as slideshows, listings and custom HTML blocks.



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