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Managing Categories

The first step in building your redLIST directory is to create the category structure under which your listed items will be organized. It helps to set this structure up first so that you save time when creating search items and are able to categorize them straight away. It also makes it possible to filter items in certain subcategories on the Item Category map.


Click on the "Categories" link to bring up the Categories listing screen. On the screen is an overview of all existing categories and the ability to change their published status. There is also a search filter available to look for specific categories by name.


When adding a new category or editing an existing one, you can set whether it should be "linked to map". This means that any subcategories of this category, and all the search items assigned to them, will be visible and available on the Address and Category Maps.

Managing Subcategories

Click on the "Subcategories" link to bring up the Subcategories listing screen. On this screen is an overview of all existing subcategories and the categories they are assigned to. There is also a column displaying a preview of any "Map icon" which has been assigned to each subcategory; all such items assigned to this subcategory will be represented on the map using this map icon.


When adding a new subcategory or editing an existing one, you can assign its parent category and the map icon to be used to represent all items assigned to this subcategory. Simply browse for the icon and use the "Upload icon" button when ready to upload it. The icon must be stored in .PNG format.


To help with some map icon ideas, click on the link provided to open up Google's "Map Icon Sets" page in a new window. Here you can download a wide range of icon sets for free, however there are many more free icon sets available across the Internet.


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