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6.2. Membership Orders

This function is used to manage orders when customers order membership plans.

In backend, you can create an order for a customer

Membership Orders listings screen


Users – displays the users of the orders


(1) New – creates new orders

(2) Edit – chooses an order by checking on checkbox and then you can edit it

(3) Delete – chooses order(s) by checking on checkbox(es) and then you can delete them by clicking on Delete button

6.3Membership Order Listings.png

Membership Orders Details screen


Select user: to select an user who owns the order

Select Membership Plan: select the plan which this user use

Period Amount: the price that this user has to pay

Order Status: There are 3 options: Order Placed, Pending, Paid

Order Create Date: The date when the order was created

Order Paid On: The date when the order was paid

Transaction ID: Transaction ID of the order, this set of characters is unique for each order


(1) Save – saves any changes made

(2) Save & Close – saves any changes made and redirects to membership orders listings screen

(3) Cancel – redirects to membership orders listings screen

6.4. Memebership order Details.png

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