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6.1. Membership Plans

Membership plans are function packages that user groups can use if they pay for.

redMEMBER allows site’s administrator to provide various membership plans so that users can choose a plan that suits them the most.

Membership plans listings screen


     Membership Plan – the name of the plan, there is a direct link to edit this plan


(1) New – creates a new plan

(2) Edit – edits current plans

(3) Delete – removes current plans

(4) Publish – lets you set the plan to be available to be used

(5) Unpublish – lets you set the plan to be not available to be used

6.1.Membership Plan Listings .png

Membership plans details screen

You can add Membership plan(s) for specific User Group(s). When members use a function group, they have to pay an amount and can use the function within a period.


Membership Plan - name of the membership plan

User Groups - The group which can use the plan

Period - The time that user group can use the plan

Price - The price for the plan


(1) Save – saves any changes made

(2) Save & Close – saves any changes made and redirects to membership plan listings screen

(3) Cancel – redirects to membership listings screen

6.2.Membership Plan Details.png

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