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5.2. User Groups

Manage User Groups

Displays all the current user groups of the system and allows you to add new groups, modify or delete current groups.

User grouping allows administrator to easily modify user information on related details such as email confirmation, payment, tax exempt.

5.2 1User-group.jpg

Synchronize User Groups

Allows you to modify and change attributes of user groups including email confirmation, payment, tax exempt.

This will apply changes to all members in the selected group.

To start synchronize a user group, click on Synchronize User Groups.

5.2 2User-group-synchronize1.jpg

You can synchronize one or multiple groups at one time.

Select the user group(s) needed to synchronize then change the attributes (1).

Click Save (2) or Save & Close (3) to finish.

5.2 3User-group-synchronize2.jpg

Create User Group

To add a new group, click on Create User Group or New (1).

5.2 4User-group-create.jpg

Choose whether users in the group will need to have confirmation by email or not, pay fee for their memberships or not, be tax exempt or not.

Click Save (1) or Save & Close (2) to finish.

Or click Save & Close (3) to save and add a new user group.

5.2 5User-group-create2.jpg

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