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8.1. Working with redMEMBER Templates

You can manage templates in this area

Overview of template section:

List of template sections + related templates

Where is each template is used

List of tags

Correct usage of loop tags

Custom fields + text library tags

Template Listing Screen


Template Name

Template Section


Templates Listings Screen


Template Name – The name of templates. There are also direct links to edit templates

Section – template section that the specific template belongs to


By Template Name

By Template Section


(1) New: takes you to the add template screen where you can add a new variation of a template for a specific page the customer can visit on the front end.

(2) Edit: takes you to the edit template screen where you can modify an existing template's details. The screen can be reached either by clicking on the template name or clicking on the checkbox next to their name followed by the edit button.

(3) Copy: let you duplicate a template record, simply check the checkboxes next to the names of the templates that should be duplicated and click on copy

(4) Delete: removes the template from the database, this is a permanent delete

(5) Publish: lets you set templates to be available for assignment and use in batch, with either single or multiple template records selected for publishing

(6) Unpublish: lets you set templates to be disabled and hidden from assignment in batch, with either single or multiple template records selected for unpublishing

8.1. Template Listings.png

Template Details Screen


Template Name - the name given that identifies and describes this specific display template

Template Section – select the type of page or form template that can be displayed on the front-end of redMEMBER; you can create multiple variations of look and layout for each page, and assign them either as defaults or refer to them specifically through tags in the appropriate templates

Publish – sets whether the template will be available to select from when choosing a layout for the page it applies to; unpublish to disable it and hide it from template-related dropdown lists

Description – the space where the content of the template is stored; this space accepts text, images, HTML and calls to Joomla! modules and plugins; you can use a variety of template-specific tags in the body of the template, each set of tags is listed at the bottom of this screen


(1) Save - saves any changes made and redirects to the listing screen

(2) Save & Close - saves any changes made and redirects to the listing screen

(3) Cancel - returns to the listing screen without saving any changes

8.2. Template Details.png

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