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Managing Associations within redPRODUCTFINDER

Now that product types have been defined and reference tags have been created for each, all that's left to do is to associate products with their related tags. This can be done within the "Associations" section.

Click on the "Associations" submenu link to bring up the Associations listing screen. On this screen is an overview of all the products associated with tags and the details of the types and tags associated to each. There are also facilities to change the order in which products are displayed in the search results and whether they will appear (published).


When making a new association or editing an existing one, you first select the product that will be tagged. Similar to tag aliases, you can also define some names, words or phrases (separated by commas) that customers might use to refer to this product.


Next you assign tags to the product, so that when those tags are chosen in the search form this product will appear in the results. Hover the mouse pointer over the list of types being displayed until you see the hand icon, and click on each type to open up a panel below with all their related tags. Simply check the boxes for each tag of each type that this product should be associated with and save when you are done. (Note: opening and closing the panel for each type will not affect any tags which have been checked.)


If dependencies have been turned on for the form the products are being assigned to, an additional panel will appear beneath each tag. You can select the other tags that the customer must pick in addition to this one for this product to appear, and assign it a quality score (a value between 0 to 100). The higher the quality score, the higher up the product will appear in the search results. Once you have selected tags and entered the score, click on the "Add Dependency" link; it will be stored for future reference. You can come in and change the dependent tags and score at any time.

Managing Associations within redSHOP Products


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