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redSHOP Testimonials

redSHOP Testimonials Features

What is redSHOP Testimonials

redSHOP Testimonials is a Testimonials Component and Module for Joomla for use with redSHOP E-Commerce.

With redSHOP Testimonials you can send automatically an email reminding your customer to write a short review about your service. These feedback messages are automatically stored into the backend of your Joomla website. You can easily decide which testimonials you want to use and which you want to delete. Further from that you decide which ones are "good enough" to be on your website. The redSHOP Testimonials module can be assigned to any module position you like and lets the testimonials been displayed there. It runs completely randomized whether you have 5, 50, 500 or even 5000 testimonials stored in your database.

redSHOP Testimonials works with Joomla 1.5 (Native mode) and redSHOP all versions.


PHP5 MySQL 4/5

Joomla 1.5.x redSHOP

Installation Instructions

Unzip the attached redSHOP Testimonials file to your desired folder. Install the redSHOP Testimonials Component and Module in the normal way.

Using the Component

When you select the component from the menu you can select three options.

You can select: a. Testimonials, b. Orders Sent and c. Settings. - We advise you to start with Settings first.


In Testimonials you can review, edit, publish, unpublish and add testimonials about your website. You can see who wrote you a testimonial and also what they wanted to share with you. Of course the date is also visible. In the upper right hand, in the usual position. You can find the publish, unpublish, delete, edit and new buttons. Of course you can also use the checkmarks for quickly publishing those lovely remarks.

Orders Sent

In this screen you can see what orders are sent to your customer and who has received a reminder for posting a testimonial. Also you can see if there was a response already This menu item is actually just for informational purposes. You cannot edit or alter anything in here.


This menu item is probably the most important item there is. At first you may be a little puzzled by it so let me explain it to you.

The order statuses are being read from the redSHOP database. In this demo case we have selected “shipped” as a trigger status since a customer can give the best testimonial after his order is being shipped. You can also decide you want customers to be able to place a testimonial when for instance the customer has placed his order or something else. It is up to you! The other option you can alter here is how many testimonials will be displayed in the frontend part of the component.

Then there is the Reminder option. This is a very neat feature. Customers tend to forget quickly about your website. You can decide to send the customer an email in which you ask the customer to place his testimonial on your website. You can decide after how many days this email is being sent to him. Another handy option we have included for you is to NOT sent a reminder if the order is older than “x” amount of days. This is very useful when you install this component on a live site with existing users / orders. Because you don’t want all of your users to receive this email when they made a purchase on your website months ago. Or do you?

Anyway, you can decide here how far back in time you are willing to go. I would suggest to set it to 30 days or so. That should be sufficient to get your database filled out a little.

The order status which is needed to be set here would almost always be the same as the earlier one, however you may also decide otherwise. Last to decide is the subject line which is used in the email being sent to your customer. Same goes for the from address.

The mail template is included here: <yoursite>/administrator/components/com_redshoptestimonials/templates redSHOP Testimonials supports already German, Dutch and English language.

You can easily add your own language files. The component automatically chooses the language which is the primary language on your website. When your language is not available the English language will be chosen. When your customers clicks the link in the email he/she will be redirected to the frontend part of the component.

Using the Module

When you want to use the testimonials from your database you can use the redSHOP Testimonials Module. You can easily add the module and place it anywhere you want. You can select how many testimonials are being displayed as well as the text being used. Of course the module will adapt to your websites CSS.

Downloading redSHOP Testimonials

Other testimonial extensions

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