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Customizing interface

As shop administrators get more used to working within redSHOP and its interface and way of doing things, they also have at their disposal several tools and third party extensions which can enhance the experience of working with redSHOP and the back end. These can range from the "Quick Links" that the administrator can configure for easy access to commonly used sections, to administrator-oriented modules such as "redSHOP Dashboard", to templates and plugins such as those from AdminPraise and NoNumber.

Quick links / shortcuts (Dashboard)

redSHOP's Main Menu allows for the addition of "Quick Links", providing a space where the shop administrator can display shortcuts to the most frequently used sections in redSHOP. More details on how this panel works is available earlier in this article, in the Statistic Panel and Quick Links Dashboard section, as well as in the Global Configuration section described in the "Setting up redSHOP" wiki article.

redSHOP Admin modules

There are currently three redSHOP-specific administrator modules that are all available from the redSHOP 3rd Party forum, including:

3rd Party Extensions

There are several very useful extensions and templates available in the Joomla! world to enhance the experience of working with redSHOP and customizing the back end interface to make dealing with data entry and navigation much simpler, more convenient, and in the end, saving on loads of time. Here are some that redCOMPONENT recommends all shop administrators check out and explore to get the most out of the online store experience.

Administrator Templates

Modules and plugins

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