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Related configuration settings

The following is a quick "guide" on all the areas within redSHOP pertaining to discounts and related promotions, ranging from Global Configuration settings to other areas around redSHOP.

Global config:

General tab -

Shop Country
Retails Countries
Enable Coupon Information

Price tab -

Apply VAT on Discount

Allowed combination of discounts
Enable Discounts
Enable Coupons
Enable Vouchers
Send Special discount mail

Send discount mail
No of days for mail 1 After Purchase
No of days for mail 2 After Purchase
No of days for mail 3 After Purchase
VAT after discount
Coupon Validity in Days
Calculate shipping based on
Value of discount coupon is percentage or total

Product / Category tab -

*For Catalog and Color Sample*
Discount Duration in Days
Discount percentage

Images tab -

Gift Card Thumb Width
Gift card Thumb Height
Gift card List Thumb Width
Gift card List Thumb Height
Watermark Gift card Image
Watermark Gift card Thumb Image

Dashboard tab -

Managements of discounts on product price
Gift Card
Coupon Management

Sections within redSHOP:

Products -

Product Listing
Add Product

Product on sale, Special Product, Discount Price, Discount Start Date, Discount End Date,
Product Attributes, Discount Calculator

Product Price View
Mass Discount List
Add Mass Discount

Orders -

Add Order

Quotation -

Add quotation

Discount -

List of discounts on order total
Add Discount
List of discounts on product price
Add discount on product price

Gift Card -

Gift Card List
Add Gift Card

Voucher -

Voucher List
Add Voucher

Coupon -

Coupon List
Add coupon

Mail Center -

Add Mail Template

Catalog coupon reminder, Catalog sample coupon reminder, Gift card mail, Order special discount mail

Backend Access Management -

Coupon Management
Managements of discounts on product price
Gift Card

Import / Export -

Data Import (Product details)
Data Export (Product details)

XML Import / Export -

XML Import (product, order type)
XML Export (product, order type)

Template -

Add Template

Accessory template, Cart, Category, Product Category, Checkout, Compare products, Gift Card, Gift Card List, Manufacturer Products, One step Checkout,
Order Detail, Print order, order receipt, product, product content, quotation detail template, related products, shipping PDF

Attribute Bank -

Add Attribute Set (attribute / property discounts)

Accounting -

Economic Product Group List
Add Economic Product Group

Discount-related menu items

The following is a list of menu items pertaining to discounts and related promotions, and the menu item parameters available for each:

Gift Card
Standard Category Layout

Discount-related modules

This section covers modules related to displaying redSHOP discounts and their details:


Discount-related template tags

This section covers the templates in which discount-related tags appear and can be used:

Accessory template
Product Category
Compare products
Gift Card
Gift Card List
Manufacturer Products
One step Checkout
Order Detail
Print order
order receipt
product content
quotation detail template
related products
shipping PDF
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