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There are some fields you will come across when editing details within different areas of the redSHOP back-end. These will look like standard input boxes, but will behave differently when you type something into them; typing in the first few characters of a product name, for example, will shortly after display a dropdown list of matching results, and the relevant product name is clicked on to select it.

The following is a list of all the fields in the redSHOP backend that displays search results:

Category Details screen

Accessories tab - Search for products

Product Details screen

Product Information - Parent Group
Accessories - Search for products
Related Products - Search for products

Mass Discount Details screen

Discount Product

Bulk Import Media screen

Media Section - Section Item

New Order Details screen

Order Details - Product Name

Quotation Details screen

Order Details - Product Name

Area Discount Details screen

Discount Product

Voucher Details screen

Voucher Products - Search for products

Coupon Details screen


Shipping Rate Details screen

Shipping Rate Product

Wrapping Details screen

Wrapping Product

(Notes soon: if dropdowns don't appear)

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