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eBay Lister Component for redSHOP

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The team at Polished Geek are now offering a redSHOP to eBay integration service with a custom Joomla! component:

More information

eBay Lister Component

eBay Lister Parameters

eBay Lister Screenshots

eBay Lister FAQ

Administrator Panel Preview

Our Joomla! eBay Lister component has configuration settings for the following:

eBay Authentication information

a. Auth Token
b. Developer id
c. Application id
d. Cert #
e. Gateway/SOAP URL
f. Site id #


eBay Listing Parameters

a. Listing Options
i. Currency
ii. Country
iii. Region id
iv. Listing Duration

b. Returns
i. Returns Accepted? (Yes/No)
ii. Return Policy Text
iii. Return Policy Period

c. Payment Options
i. Currently supports PayPal, expandable for other methods as part of custom project

d. Shipping Options
i. Currently supports UPS, expandable for other methods as part of custom project
ii. Shipping Service Additional Cost
iii. Shipping Service Cost

Ecommerce Integration

a. VirtueMart or redSHOP option

b. Should eBay sales notifications be sent to the website? (Yes/No)
This setting determines whether the component will set up the eBay listings with “listener code” that will notify Joomla shopping cart software and reduce inventory once the item sells on eBay.

c. Category Mapping (link to eBay Category Tree Lookup Tool)
i. Select category(s) you want to list on eBay, and map them to appropriate eBay Store Category and eBay General Category (required by API)


Cron Job Instructions Area

a. Email address(es) to notify of cron job results
b. Run eBay Update button for adhoc synchronization

Depending upon whether you configure the component to pull from VirtueMart or redSHOP, our extension will synchronize products in the selected categories (3.b):

You can choose to let the cron job perform the inventory update on eBay if an item sells in redSHOP, or we can hook into the checkout process to trigger an update immediately upon sale. (The eBay notification back to the website is virtually real time when a sale occurs there).


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