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redCORE multilingual Support

redSHOP 1.5 is not multilingual by default, but you can activate the translation feature using redCORE.

The files located in this folder can be added to redCORE in order to be able to translate redSHOP elements: products, manufacturers, categories, attributes, etc.

redCORE is a free tool from that enhances Joomla Core. Learn more about redCORE at

You can download redCORE for free at:

To learn how to translate your redSHOP see:

Joom!Fish Support

There are three areas within redSHOP which you can translate at the moment using Joomfish:

You'll be able to store names and descriptions for each product, category and manufacturer for different languages, either using Joomfish's own Translation Screen or using the Quick Translate admin module. The languages you can translate to depend of course upon the language packs you have installed and enabled within both Joomla and Joomfish.

Installing redSHOP Joomfish files

To get this set up, download the redSHOP Joomfish Content Element pack and install the files in one of two ways:
1) Unpack the contents into a temporary folder and install each one using the "Install" button on Joomfish's "Content Elements" page
2) Unpack the contents directly into your {root site}/administrator/components/com_joomfish/contentelements folder

Both methods will ensure the content elements are in place and you should see the three definition files for redSHOP listed.


Translating your content

To translate your shop contents, head over to Joomfish's [b]Translation / Translate[b] page, then select the "Language" you'd like to enter content for and from the "Content elements" dropdown select the redSHOP section you're translating for. Depending on your selection, your products, categories or manufacturers will be displayed, and when you open each item's details you'll be able to add an alternative name and description for each item.


Instead of having to work only within Joomfish to translate your content, there's a shortcut method you can use to make these Joomfish content additions / modifications when working within redSHOP's own "Product", "Category" and "Manufacturer" sections. If you open any of the redSHOP content element files in Notepad or something similar, let's use redshop_product.xml as an example, you'll see a string between the <form> tags near the end of the file's content. There's a slightly different string in each file, as each one is written specifically for their respective sections.

Access the properties of Joomfish's "Quick Translate" admin module (from Joomla's main menu, Extension -> Module Manager, "Administrator", Direct Translation (mod_translate)). You'll see a parameter that defines how the module displays Joomfish's translation page (default is in a modal window) and a "Components" section where you can input links to pages within Joomla's backend on which the module becomes functional.


Copy the string between the <form> tags of the content element file, in our example case com_redshop#redshop_product#cid#view#product#task#!edit , and paste it in one of the spaces in the "Components" section. When you save, and as long as the module is enabled and published, you'll now be able to translate your product's names and descriptions from redSHOP's Product section. To translate, simply tick the checkbox next to the product you want to add content for and select the language from the "Select language" dropdown box. Same translation form as before, save and you're done! ;)


Now all your customer has to do is change the language of the front-end using Joomfish's front-end language selector module, and your redSHOP products, categories and manufacturers content will now be among the multi-lingual content as well.

Falang Support

(notes soon)

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