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Related configuration settings

The following is a quick "guide" on all the areas within redSHOP pertaining to locations and related details, ranging from Global Configuration settings to other areas around redSHOP.

Global config:

General tab -

Shop Country
Default Shipping Country
Retail Countries

Price tab -

Default Country
Default State

Dashboard tab -


Sections within redSHOP:

Orders -

Add Order

Quotation -

Add quotation

Delivery List -

Delivery List

Mail Center -

Add Mail Template

registration mail, quotation user registration mail, economic invoice, invoice mail, order mail

Shipping Method -

Shipping Rates (Country, State, ZIP Code start / end)

User -

Add User (billing and shipping information)

Backend Access Management -

Backend Access Management (Country, State, VAT / Tax Group)

VAT / Tax Groups -

VAT Rates

Country -

Country List
Add Country

State -

State list
Add State

Zipcode -

Zipcode / City list
Add Zipcode

Import / Export -

Data Import (Shipping Address)
Data Export (Shipping Address)

XML Import / Export -

XML Import (order section)
XML Export (order section: order detail, user billing / shipping information)

Custom Fields -

Custom Field List
Add Custom Field ([Private / Company] Billing / Shipping Address)

Templates -

Add Template

Catalog order detail, Catalog order receipt, Checkout, One step checkout, Order Detail, Order Receipt, Print Order,
Quotation Detail template, shipping method, shipping box, shipping PDF

Location-related modules

This section covers modules related to displaying redSHOP locations and their details:


Location-related template tags

This section covers the templates in which manufacturer-related tags appear and can be used:

Catalog order detail
Catalog order receipt
One step checkout
Order Detail
Order Receipt
Print Order
Quotation Detail template
Shipping method
Shipping box
Shipping PDF
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