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Related configuration settings

The following is a quick "guide" on all the areas within redSHOP pertaining to the Mail Center and related templates, ranging from Global Configuration settings to other areas around redSHOP.

Global config:

General tab -

Administrator Email
Enable Invoice Email
Send Invoice Mail to

User tab -

Email verification

Price tab -

Send Special discount mail

Send discount mail
No of days for mail 1 After Purchase
No of days for mail 2 After Purchase
No of days for mail 3 After Purchase

Product / Category tab -

Enable Manufacturer e-mail
Enable Supplier Email

Catalog Reminder 1
Catalog Reminder 2

Sample Reminder 1
Sample Reminder 2
Sample Reminder 3

Integration tab -

Clickatell SMS Service
Clickatell Username
Clickatell Password
Type your Clickatell API ID/KEY
Order Status for sending SMS

Dashboard tab -

Mail Center

Sections within redSHOP:

Manufacturer -

Add Manufacturer (Email)

Supplier -

Add Supplier (Supplier email)

Orders -

Add Order (customer email)

Quotation -

Add quotation (customer email)

Mail Center -

Listing (*all mail templates*)
Add Mail Template

User -

User Listing
Add User (Email)

Backend Access Management -

Backend Access Management (Mail Center)

Import / Export -

Data Import (users)
Data Export (users)

XML Import / Export -

XML Import (order section)
XML Export (order section)

Templates -

Add Template

account template, ask question, catalog order detail, catalog order receipt, checkout, newsletter, newsletter with products, one step checkout, order detail,
print order, order receipt, quotation detail, quotation request, review, wishlist mail
Catalog Management -

Catalog Request Listing

Product Sample -

Sample Request Listing

Questions -

Question Listing
Edit Question / Answers

Mail Center template tags

This section covers the tags which appear and can be used in the Mail Center templates:

Related template tags

This section covers the templates in which Mail Center-related tags appear and can be used:

account template
ask question
catalog order detail
catalog order receipt
newsletter with products
one step checkout
order detail
print order
order receipt
quotation detail
quotation request
wishlist mail
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