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Overview of Order Listing Screens

Customer front-end account

Back-end order listings

RedSHOP - Orders Listing.png

Order Id - the unique ID given to each order
Order Number - the unique number identifying the order
Full Name - the full name of the customer who placed the order
Order Status - when an order has been placed, you can get an overview of its current status, both for shipping and payment, and be able to make a change manually to the status, add a note to describe the change and the reason for it, and update the order status with the option to notify the customer as well
Stockroom Name - the name of the stockroom from which the products that have been ordered will come from
Stockroom Delivery Time - the approximate waiting time for the products to be sent from the stockroom, measured in days or weeks depending on the stockroom settings.
Order Date - the date that the order was placed
Order Total - the total amount that the order comes to, displayed with the symbol of the currency it is to be paid for in

Search - to help look for specific orders quicker, you can type in all or part of the order details such as the full name, order ID or order number, then press Enter to update the order list with the results
By order status - selects a filter that will update the order list to display only those with a specific status
Reset - clears any filters that are in effect and displays all records

"Change order status to" control - while you have the ability to update the order status for individual orders, this feature helps you update multiple orders at a go with a specific status; simply select the checkboxes of the orders that you want to update and select the status they should be updated to from the dropdown list, then click the "Save Status Changes" button to update the orders
Multiple Print Orders - generates a printable PDF with a list of specific orders; select the checkboxes of the orders that should be included and click on this button, the page will refresh and a PDF will have been generated for download (note: if the PDF is not being generated, make sure to set the pop-up blocker in your browser to exclude your site)
New - takes you to the add order screen where you can place a new order on behalf of the customer
Save - updates selected orders with the order status defined in the "Change status to"
Export Data - generates a CSV formatted file that contains the list of selected orders and basic order details for each
Full order CSV - generates a CSV formatted file that contains the list of selected orders and additional order details for each
Delete - removes the order from the database, this is a permanent delete

Back-end redDESIGN order listings

RedSHOP - Orders redDESIGN Order Listing.png

Order Id -
Full Name -
Order Status -
Design -
Order Date -
Order Total -

By Order status -

"Change status to" control -
Change Status to All -
Export Data -
Delete -

Product Order Search (by status or user)

RedSHOP - Order Search by Customer.png

Product Name -
Product Number -
Order Id -
Order Date -
Order Status -
Quantity -
Full Name -

Search by product name -
By order status -
By user - (Select: from redSHOP customers)

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