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Difference between "Quotations" and "Orders"

Situations where quotations are appropriate

Overview of Quotation Listings screens

Customer front-end account

Admin back-end quotation listings

RedSHOP - Quotations Listing.png

Quotation Id - the unique ID generated for each quotation
Quotation Number - the unique number identifying the quotation
Full Name - the full name of the customer who placed the request
Quotation Status - the current status of this quotation in the process
Total - the total amount that the quotation comes to, displayed with the symbol of the currency it is to be paid for in
Quotation Date - the date that the request was made

Search - to help look for specific quotations quicker, you can type in all or part of the quotation details such as the full name, quotation ID or number, then press Enter to update the list with the relevant quotations
By quotation status - selects a filter that will update the quotation list to display only those with a specific status: Requested, Replied, Accepted, Rejected or Ordered
Reset - clears any filters that are in effect and displays all records

New - takes you to the add quotation screen where you can create a new quotation to send to the customer
Edit - takes you to the edit quotation screen where you can modify an existing quotations's details. The screen can be reached either by clicking on the quotation number or clicking on the checkbox next to their name followed by the edit button
Delete - removes the quotation record from the database, this is a permanent delete

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