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Related configuration settings

The following is a quick "guide" on all the areas within redSHOP pertaining to orders and order details, ranging from Global Configuration settings to other areas around redSHOP.

Global config:

General tab -

Shop Country
Default Shipping Country
Retail Countries
Enable Invoice Email
Send Invoice Mail to

Enable Coupon Information

User tab -

Registration Method
Create New User upon Registartion Default
Show Captcha on Registration
Email verification
New customer preselected
Terms And Conditions

Price tab -

Remove Add to Cart from front (use as catalog)
Show Price

Allowed combination of discounts
Enable Discounts
Enable Coupons
Enable Vouchers


Product / Category tab -

ChildProduct Dropdown Output
Parent Product should be purchasable(if any child product is added)

Default length unit
Default weight unit
No. of Decimals

Cart / Checkout tab -

Default Cart/Checkout Itemid
Split delivery cost
Ajax Cart Display Time
One step Checkout
Individual add to cart button
Enable Accessory as individual product in cart
Allow Pre-order
Payment Calculation based on
Pre order Button tooltip
Add to cart button leads
Invoice Number Template
First Invoice Number
Minimum Order Total
Show Shipping in Cart
SSL URL in Checkout
SSL in Backend

Layout tab -

Order List Introtext
Order Details Introtext
Thank you for ordering-text
Pre-order Image

Images tab -

Product Thumb in Cart Width
Product Thumb in Cart Height
Watermark in Cart thumb

Integration tab -

Google Analytics /
Clickatell /
e-conomic /
Post Danmark /

Dashboard tab -


Display Newest Orders
Show Statistics for Latest Month

Sections within redSHOP:

Products -

Add Product

Product Pre-order, Minimum quantity per order, Maximum quantity per order,
Product volume, length, width, height, diameter, weight, e-conomic Account Group
Stockroom, Discount calculator

Orders -

Order List
Add Order
Download Label
Order Status List
Product Order Search
Barcode Order
redDESIGN Order Listing

Stockroom -

Stockroom Listing
Add Stockroom
Inventory for all stockrooms

Container -

Container Pre-order
Container Order Products

Discount -

List of discounts on order total
Add discount

Mail Center -

Add Mail Template

economic invoice, invoice mail, order mail, order mail bank, order mail IMGlobal, order mail special discount, order status change,
first / second / third mail after order purchased

Shipping Methods -

Shipping Rates (*all dimension related settings*, + Order total start / end)

Shipping Box -

Shipping Boxes

User -

User List
Add User (billing / shipping information)
Shopper Group List
Add Shopper Group

Backend Access Management -

Backend Access Management (Orders)

VAT / Tax Group -

VAT Rates

XML Import / Export -

XML Import (order section)
XML Export (order section)

Custom Fields -

Custom Field List
Add Custom Field ([Private / Company] Billing / Shipping Address, Product userfield)

Templates -

Add Template

Account Template, Add to cart, Ajax Cart Box, Ajax Cart detail box, Attributes with cart, Cart, Change attribute in cart, Checkout, Clickatell, Clickatell SMS,
Empty cart, One step checkout, Order detail, Order list, Print Order, Order Receipt, Payment method, Shipping Method, Shipping box, Shipping PDF

Accounting -

Economic Product Group Listing
Add Economic Product Group

Statistics -

Total Turnover
Avg. order amount per customer
Top customers meassured in amount of orders
Top customer measured in amount of price per order
Top customer measured in amount spent in total
Most sold products
Newest Orders

Order related menu items

The following is a list of menu items pertaining to orders and order details, and the menu item parameters available for each:

Account Layout
Logout Redirection Page (Select: from menu items)

Cart Layout

Standard Checkout Layout
Onestepcheckout Layout

Standard Orders Layout
SELECT_ORDERLIST_TEMPLATE (Select: from available "Order List" templates)

Standard Orders Tracker Layout

Standard Registration Layout

Order related modules

This section covers modules related to displaying redSHOP orders and their details:


Order related template tags

This section covers the templates in which order-related tags appear and can be used:

Account Template
Add to cart
Ajax Cart Box
Ajax Cart detail box
Attributes with cart
Change attribute in cart
Clickatell SMS
Empty cart
One step checkout
Order detail
Order list
Print Order
Order Receipt
Payment method
Shipping Method
Shipping box
Shipping PDF
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