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How pre-orders work

Suppose you have your online store set up, products are configured and listed, and customers are placing orders. At some point you decide to keep track of the stock levels of each product, since there is higher demand for some than for others, so you turn on the stockroom feature and manage your product's inventory levels. You then start noticing that there is not enough stock to fulfill orders and it will take time before the inventory gets refilled, and customers cannot place orders in the meantime.

Enter Pre-orders. With the Pre-orders feature, customers can place orders for products that are not yet in stock. (notes soon)

Pre-order related sections

Global Configuration

"Cart Checkout" tab:
Allow Pre-order
Pre order Button tooltip

"Products" tab:
Pre-order Image:

"Features" tab: </br>Set stock as Infinite

Product Details

"Product information" tab:
Product Pre-order

Stockroom Details

"Stockroom information" tab:
Container Start Date
Minimum Delivery Time
Maximum Delivery Time

Container Details

Container Pre-order listing
Inventory for all stockrooms listing

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