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Feeds to Shopping Comparison Sites

Google Base screen

RedSHOP - Integration Details.png

Google Base XML Site Path – the path of the “product.xml” file that has been generated to use with Google Base; you can copy this path and paste it into your Google Base account to instruct Google to pull the products listed for your shop from this file
Download XML – a link to download the “product.xml” file, in case you want to manually upload it to your Google Base account

Google Base XML fields

<item> - a set of item tags indicates a separate product, so an XML listing multiple products will have item tag sets for each one
<title> - the name of the product
<link> - the URL to the product page in the shop that visitors will be redirected to for more information
<description> - the content of the product description
<g:brand> - the name of the product manufacturer
<g:image_link> - the URL to the image of the product where it is stored on the site
<g:price> - the normal price of the product
<g:id> - the product ID
<g:condition> - the condition of the product (notes soon)

Shopping Comparison XML feeds

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