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Related configuration settings

The following is a quick "guide" on all the areas within redSHOP pertaining to manufacturers and manufacturer details, ranging from Global Configuration settings to other areas around redSHOP.

Global config:

General tab -

Shop Country
Default Shipping Country
Retail Countries

Product / Category tab -

Default length unit
Default weight unit
No. of Decimals

Cart / Checkout tab -

Use Container
Use Stockroom
Set Stock as Infinite
Allow Pre-order
Pre order Button tooltip
Default Stockroom

Layout tab -

Product Out of Stock Image
Enable Product Reserve
Use Out of Stock Image
Pre-order Image

Dashboard tab -

Container Container

Sections within redSHOP:

Category -

Add Category (Accessories)

Products -

Add Product (Product Attributes, Accessories, Stockroom)

Orders -

Add Order
Product Order Search

Quotation -

Add quotation

Stockroom -

Stockroom List
Add Stockroom
Inventory for all stockrooms
Stock Image List
Add Stock Image

Container -

Container listing
Add Container
Container Pre-order
Container Order Products

Delivery List -

Delivery List

Backend Access Management -

Backend Access Management (Stockroom, Container)

Import / Export -

Data Import (products)
Data Export (products)

XML Import / Export -

XML Import (product section, product stock detail)
XML Export (product section, product stock detail)

Templates -

Add Template

accessory template, add to cart, AJAX cart detail box, attributes with cart, cart, category, product category, change attribute in cart, checkout,
compare products, manufacturer products, one step checkout, order detail, order receipt, print order, product, product content, quotation cart,
related product, shipping PDF

Attribute Bank -

Add Attribute set (attribute / property stock levels)

Related menu items

The following is a list of menu items pertaining to manufacturers and manufacturer details, and the menu item parameters available for each:

Cart Layout

Standard Category Layout To Show All Category Product
Display category per page (Input box, default "5")
Display product per category (Input box, default "5")
Standard Category Layout
Standard Category Detail Layout
Select Category (Select: from available categories)
Product Sorting (Select: Product Name, Price (ascending), Price (descending), Product Number, Newest, Order)
How many products to display ? (Input box, default "0")

Standard Checkout Layout
Onestepcheckout Layout

Standard Manufacturer Product Layout
Select Manufacturer (Select: from available manufacturers)
How many products to display ? (Input box, default "0")

Standard Orders Layout
SELECT_ORDERLIST_TEMPLATE (Select: from available "Order List" templates)

Compare Layout
Standard Product Layout
Select Products (Input box+button, select from available products)
Standard Product Download Layout
Sample Layout

Standard Quotation Layout

Related modules

This section covers modules related to displaying redSHOP manufacturers and their details:


Related template tags

This section covers the templates in which manufacturer-related tags appear and can be used:

Accessory template
Add to cart
AJAX cart detail box
Attributes with cart
Product category
Change attribute in cart
Compare products
Manufacturer products
One step checkout
Order detail
Order receipt
Print order
Product content
Quotation cart
Related product
Shipping PDF
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