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Related configuration settings

The following is a quick "guide" on all the areas within redSHOP pertaining to templates and template details, ranging from Global Configuration settings to other areas around redSHOP.

Global config:

General tab -

Welcome Message
Shop Name
Date Format
Use Multibyte Encoding

Enable Coupon Information
Enable Customer Tagging
Enable Wish List
Enable Product Comparison

Enable Newsletter

User tab -

Show Captcha on Registration
New customer preselected
Terms And Conditions
Who Can Register
My Page Welcome Text
Introtext for Private Customers
Introtext for Company Customers

Default Portal Name
Default Portal Logo

Price tab -

Currency Symbol
Currency Symbol Position
Decimal Separator
Thousand Separator
Number of Price Decimals
Remove Add to Cart from front (use as catalog)
Show Price
Price replacement output
Price Replacement URL
Zero Price Replacement Output
Zero Price Replacement URL

VAT introtext
Introtext (without VAT)
Introtext (with VAT)

Product / Category tab -

Rating/Review completed message
Number of reviews favoured
Max. No. of Products to Compare
Product Comparison Template
No. of thumbs in attribute scroller
No. of thumbs in sub-attribute scroller
No. of Categories per page
Default Product template
Default Category Template
Main Category List Template
ChildProduct Dropdown Output
Default Manufacturer Template
Enable Write Review in Lightbox

Default length unit
Default weight unit
No. of Decimals

Default wrapping image thumb width
Default wrapping image thumb height
Autoscroll for wrapping

Cart / Checkout tab -

Default Cart/Checkout Itemid
Quantity change in cart
Quantity Max Characters
Default product quantities
Ajax Cart Display Time
One step Checkout
Individual add to cart button
Pre order Button tooltip
Attribute images in cart
Enable Add to Cart lightbox (Ajax)
Ajax Cart Template
Link Continue Shopping
Cart Reservation Message

Add to Cart Image
Add to Cart Background
Request Quote Image
Request Quote Background Image
Add to cart update image
Add to cart delete image

Layout tab -

*all options in Layout tab*

Images tab -

*most options in Images tab*

Dashboard tab -


Sections within redSHOP:

Manufacturer -

Add Manufacturer (Template)

Category -

Category List (Assign Template)
Add Category (Template, Allowed templates, Product Comparison template)

Products -

Product List (Assign Template)
Add Product (Product Template)

Stockroom -

Stock Image List
Add Stock Image

Gift Card -

Gift Card List
Add Gift Card

Newsletter -

Add Newsletter (Template)

Wrapping Management -

Wrapping List
Add Wrapping

User -

Add Shopper Group (Shoppergroup cart item ID override, Default Shopper Group Checkout Itemid)

Backend Access Management -

Backend Access Management (Templates)

XML Import / Export -

XML Import (Product section)
XML Export (Product section)

Custom Fields -

Custom Field List
Add Custom Field

Template -

Template List
Add Template

Text Library -

Text Library Tags Listing
Add Text Library Tags

Customer Tags -

Customer Tags List

Attribute Bank -

Attribute Set Listing
Add Attribute Set

Question -

Question List

Review -


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