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How customer tags work

Customer-tag related sections

Getting customers to contribute tags

Overview of the Customer Tags section

Customer Tags Listing screen

RedSHOP - Customer Tags Listing.png

Tag name – the word or phrase the customer used to tag the product on the product page
Tag use – (notes soon)
Products – the products that have been tagged using this tag
Users – the user accounts of the customers who have used this tag
Popularity – the number of times the tag has been used or referred to, the higher a value the more popular the tag is
Published – sets whether the tag for this particular word or phrase is displayed or allowed to be used to tag products

Edit - takes you to the edit customer tag screen where you can modify the details of a specific tag. The screen can be reached either by clicking on the tag name or clicking on the checkbox next to their name followed by the edit button
Delete - removes the tag from the database, this is a permanent delete
Publish - lets you set tags to be available and displayed on the front-end in batch, with either single or multiple catalog records selected for publishing
Unpublish - lets you set catalogs to be disabled and hidden from the front-end in batch, with either single or multiple catalog records selected for unpublishing

Customer Tag Details screen

Name -
Supplier Email -
Published -
Description - (HTML)

Save - saves any changes made and redirects to the listing screen
Cancel - returns to the listing screen without saving any changes

Other custom tag extensions to consider

Custom Properties


JS Tags

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