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On many of the forms that the shop administrator can access and use to modify details within certain sections, an HTML-rich text editor (also known as a WYSIWYG editor) will be displayed that will allow the shop administrator to insert and modify containing HTML tags and formatting while using convenient and user-friendly graphical toolbars to assist those entering content and are not comfortable working with HTML formatting tags directly. Each WYSIWYG editor offers essentially the same features, however each one has a different take on how to offer them and how to design the toolbars.

Within Joomla!'s own Global Configuration section (accessed through the Joomla menu, Site -> Global Configuration), there is a setting labelled "Default WYSIWYG Editor" that lists all WYSIWYG text editors currently installed and enabled in the Plugin Manager (as WYSIWYG editors fall under the category of "editor"-type plugins). This setting determines the WYSIWYG editor that will be used across the site, both in the front and back end. Registered users can change their individual preference of WYSIWYG editor if the shop administrator so chooses to offer that ability.

By default, Joomla! comes installed with three editor plugins, two of them enabled and active and one as another alternative that must be enabled before available to use:

However, there are many more WYSIWYG editors available that the redTEAM recommends all shop administrators to explore and test to find the one best suited for them:

There are more editors available listed in the "Editors" category of Joomla!'s Extension Directory.

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