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For each of the services

we will need to create an App in their developer areas in order to be able to connect with these social medias.

This page will describe in detail how to setup an App for each of these Social medias.


Facebook App Setup and Configuration

To use Facebook with redSOCIALSTREAM you will first have to create a Facebook App.

Go to and login to your account

Redsocialstream facebookdevelopers.png

When logged in then click the Apps menu item.

Redsocialstream fb apps.png

This will take you to the Apps overview page, and if you havenĀ“t registered as a Facebook Developer yet, this will be the next step to do. Click the 'Register as a Developer' button:

Redsocialstream fb registerdev.png

this will return a popup box with a few steps to go through to accept terms, and to add some details. When having completed the steps you will see a message of success:

Redsocialstream fb devsuccess.png

Now you are ready to start creating your new Facebook App. At the top right of the page you click the 'Create New App':

Redsocialstream fb createnewapp.png

A popup box will show, and in this you will now enter a name of your own choise for your App.

Redsocialstream fb newapp1.png

Redsocialstream fb newapp2.png

When clicking the 'Continue' button you will be sent to the overview page for your new App, where you now are to fill in the correct details in order to make you Facebook App work with redSOCIALSTREAM.

You can see the Display name of your App, and the important App ID and App Secret, and the email are prefilled. But you have a few more details to fill in before we you can connect the new Apps with your site.

- App Domains (here you enter the site URL, but without the leading http

Redsocialstream fb newapp appdomain.png

- Site URL (here you enter the actual URL of your site including http)

Redsocialstream fb newapp siteurl.png

This is all needed to configure your App to work with your redSOCIALSTREAM from your site. You can now Save the changes at the button that you find at the bottom of the page.

In the screenshot below the values are blurred out in this example, but it is these values from your new App you will need:

Redsocialstream fb newapp idsecret.png

The final step in connecting with Facebook is to go to your site and enter you App ID + App Secret in the configuration of redSOCIALSTREAM, and then finalise with creating Access Token for Facebook. This final step of the Facebook connection you can read more about in Creating Access Tokens

Twitter App Setup and Configuration

Redsocialstream twitterdev.png

For using Twitter with redSOCIALSTREAM you will first need to create a Twitter app.

Visit and login to your account.

Redsocialstream tw signin.png

When logged in, go to 'My Applications'

Redsocialstream tw menumyapps.png

At the 'My Applications' page you will now see your applications listed (if any), and see a button to the right where you can 'Create a new application'

Redsocialstream tw myapp createnew.png

Click this button, and you are about the create your new App.

You will now see the 'Create an application' page, where you are to fill in some details about your new app.

Redsocialstream tw details app.png

Name: Here you enter a name of your choise for your application

Description: Here you enter a descriptive text that will be shown on verification of the app. when fetching Access Tokens and connecting your app. with your site.

Website Fill in the site URL for the joomla site that you will connect with this app.

Callback URL: This special callback URL is needed for Twitter to connect with your new app. In the screenshot above you can see that it is your Website URL + /administrator/index.php?option=com_redsocialstream&view=access_token

Redsocialstream tw createapp.png

Mark the 'Yes, I agree' for accepting the terms and conditions of using the app.

Fill in the CAPTCHA text, and then click the 'Create your Twitter application' button.

You have now created your application and will be taken to your 'My applications' overview page, and should see your new app. listed

Redsocialstream tw newappcreated.png

There are a few more steps to do before we can start using the app.

Click the name of your app, and you will be taken to the app. details page(s)

Redsocialstream tw myapp1.png

At the 'Details' tab, in Application type, you have to mark the Access level, in order for your app. to connect with your site

Redsocialstream tw settings access.png

Then click the 'Update this Twitter applicationĀ“s settings' button:

Redsocialstream tw settings save.png

Now the app is configured, but before we go back to our site to connect it, we need to copy the important information that we need for the connection.

Redsocialstream tw details consumerkeysecret.png

At the oAuth settings you can see the values for:

1. Consumer key

2. Consumer secret

Copy these values to your notepad, for use at your site at the next step.

Go to your joomla site, and login to the administration, and go to the redSOCIALSTREAM config page.

Redsocialstream tw config keysecret.png

At this page you now enter the values for 'Consumer key' and 'Consumer secret' and click save in the top menu.

You now have configured you app. and your redSOCIALSTREAM.

Final step is to create Access Tokens to connect your site and your Twitter app. You can read more about this in Creating Access Tokens

LinkedIn App Setup and Configuration

For using LinkedIn within redSOCIALSTREAM you will first have to setup an App for LinkedIn.

Go to and log in to your account.

Redsocialstream linkedindev.png

When logged in you will see a page listing all your apps, if any.

Redsocialstream ln loggedin.png

Now click the 'Add New Application' option.

This will take you to a new page where you have to fill in details about your new app.

Redsocialstream ln addnewapplication.png

when having added the details and a site URL, then at bottom of the page you mark the tick box to agree to the terms of use, and then click the 'Add Application' button:

Redsocialstream ln addnewapp2.png

this will take you to a 'Your application was successfully created page'

Redsocialstream ln createdapp.png

and when you click the 'Done' button you will see your new app. listed in the overview page:

Redsocialstream ln createdlisted.png

We have now created our new app., but before we return to our site we need to click the name of our app. and then copy the API key and the Secret key, for use in our redSOCIALSTREAM config.

The final step in connecting with LinkedIn is to go to your site and enter you API key + Secret key in the configuration of redSOCIALSTREAM, and then finalise with creating Access Token for LinkedIn.

This final step of the LinkedIn connection you can read more about in Creating Access Tokens

Google+ App Setup and Configuration

-planned feature

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