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Downloading and Installing redSOCIALSTREAM

To download the free redSOCIALSTREAM component you visit the redSOCIALSTREAM Product page or our redCOMPONENT Product overview and add the free product to your cart.

Redsocialstream addtocart.png

You can then click your cart and continue with the checkout process.

Redsocialstream incart.png

Installing redSOCIALSTREAM

The installation is done using the standard joomla installer by visiting Extensions->Extension Manager in your joomla administration.

Redsocialstream installsteps.png

Click the Browse (1) button and find the com_redSOCIALSTREAM package that you downloaded, then click 'Upload & Install' (2) After a few seconds you will see the following screen, and have now successfully installed redSOCIALSTREAM.

Redsocialstream installsuccess.png

redSOCIALSTREAM installed successfully and you can now find it in the Components menu.

Preparing Social media Apps before Configuring redSOCIALSTREAM

Because of the nature of how this extension works, you will need to do some preparations of external Social Media Apps before you can get on with configuring redSOCIALSTREM itself.

In the main overview page you can see we have a section named Creating Apps to connect your Social Medias, and this is the first thing we will need to do.

For each Social Media that we wish to connect with our website we will have to create an App in their developer area. The steps are explained in detail for each Social Media service.

Redsocialstream cpanel.png

Each of these Apps will create some special keys and secrets, that we will need in our configuration of redSOCIALSTREAM.

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