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For the initial release of redSOCIALSTREAM we had some features on the internal roadmap that didnt make it for this release.

They are on the roadmap for next releases though, and we hope to get feature suggestions and improvements from our users to further improve this extension.

Currently planned features for next releases are:

Adding support for Google+ incoming and outgoing streams (v 1.1)

Similar to the support of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we are already preparing to support Google+ incoming and outgoing for the next release.

You will be able to fetch data from G+, and will have same option to post your site content to G+.

Option to use multiple accounts of the same social medias (v 1.2)

This first release only allow to connect and create a token for one of each social media types.

We are preparing the option to allow multiple accounts of the same social media.

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