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With redSOCIALSTREAM you also have the option to post your site content directly to the connected Social Medias.

For the Social Medias where you created an App you can via the 'Outgoing Posts' tab now post directly to these Medias. You can select a single item and post to a single external Media, or you can combine more items and more Medias as you like.

Also there is an option to resend items that was already sent earlier on.

Posting selected items to selected or all social medias

In the screenshot below we have just sent the article to Facebook and Twitter, by first ticking these two and then clicking 'Post' at the top right toolbar icon.

Redsocialstream outgoing posted.png

This is how it looks like at the connected Twitter account seconds after clicking post:

Redsocialstream outgoing tw.png

and this is the same post just arrived at Facebook:

Redsocialstream outgoing fb.png

Resend formerly posted items

Sometimes you would like to repost some of your valuable content to the same social medias after some time.
If we wanted to post the same article as the one above, to the same two channels, we would now simply tick the 'Repost' field next to the article, and the once again click the 'Post' icon at top right.

Redsocialstream outgoing resend.png

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