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All the setup steps are now in place, and it is time for us to publish some of the incoming stream in our website.

There are 3 different views to select from:

Redsocialstream menus.png

Setting up the individual views:

Publishing a Default Group View

The 'Default Group Layout' view, let you select a group and a profile type.

Redsocialstream menu default.png

Using this view means you can have one type of social media presented from a selected group.

Publishing an All Groups View

The 'All Posts Layout' view, let you select a group and then one or more profile types from the selected group.

In the example below you can see Twitter and LinkedIn selected (CTRL + click), which will then show the profiles for these.

Redsocialstream menu allposts.png

You can select all the profiletypes, to show any type of incoming in your stream.

Publishing a Social Medias View

The 'redSOCIAL Outline' view, is a special view that list all the groups and associated profiles in an overview page.

Redsocialstream menu outline.png

The various views can be seen in action at our demo site

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