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redSOCIALSTREAM is an extension written for the Joomla!® Content Management System. It allows the site administrator to easily connect their site with their Social Media Channels for posting and fetching content. Directly from within the joomla website.

redSOCIALSTREAM allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube and fetch your content from these medias, and present them within your own joomla website. It also allow you to post your site content directly to one or more channels from one overview page inside your joomla administration.

redSOCIALSTREAM is available for Joomla! 2.5 and is free of charge.

To visualise the text and screenshots in the documentation found below, we have also setup a live demo site, where you can see redSOCIALSTREAM "in action"

Visit to see the demo.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Creating Apps to connect your Social Medias

Creating Access Tokens

Setting up Groups

Setting up Profiles

Publishing your Incoming Streams

Publishing your Content for Outgoing Streams

Planned features

Trouble shooting

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