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For the initial release of redSOCIALSTREAM our internal UX reviewers made some valuable comments for improving the User Interface and the general User Experience. Their feedback for adjustments will be added for the upcoming releases.

The whole proces of Access Tokens will be improved, so that it will be clear when an Access Token has been successfully created and saved in redSOCIALSTREAM.

From the testing performed before release we have noted the following:

All setup and configured but feed is not shown in frontend

This could happen of two different causes:

1. Check the Profilename of the different profiles, and see if they match the one from the social medias.
You could for example have used Username where Displayname is to be used.

2. Sometimes the generated App Keys and Secrets, and the connection with the Access Token, does not work at first try.
So if you are having problem having your incoming feeds shown, then try generate new keys/secrets at the details page of the specific Apps. When done, then do the steps of getting Access Tokens again from your site.

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