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redTEXTLIBRARY is a component written for the Joomla! content management system. It allows the site administrator to assign blocks of text content to a word or short phrase, and display that text within various types of Joomla! content by calling the phrases custom tag. redTEXTLIBRARY is available for Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5 and free of charge.

Getting Started

Download the latest copy of redTEXTLIBRARY from the Downloads section of the redCOMPONENT site.


Once you have the appropriate version, install the component as you would any other Joomla! extension; visit the Install/Uninstall page in 1.5 or the Extension Manager in 2.5, select the package using the "Browse" button, and click on Upload. A notification will appear to indicate that redTEXTLIBRARY has been installed successfully.


Managing redTEXTLIBRARY tags

Open up redTEXTLIBRARY by clicking on Components -> redTEXTLIBRARY. There are only two views to this component;

  1. the "Red Library Manager" page that lists all phrases currently stored in redTEXTLIBRARY and whether there published or not,
  2. the "Add/Edit" page where you can add or modify phrases and the blocks of text content that they represent.


"Text to replace" refers to the phrase that represents the content, while "Entered text to replace with" refers to the content that will be displayed when the phrase is called.

The size of text content you can set for each phrase can vary, from simple lines of text to sets of whole paragraphs. You can also add HTML formatting, such as bold, italic, and underline, as well as ordered/unordered lists and web address links.


Using redTEXTLIBRARY tags on the front-end

Once a phrase has been stored, it can be called on the front-end of the site by placing the "text to replace" between curly brackets wherever the replacement content should appear. For example, if a series of paragraphs is stored under the phrase "para series", they will be displayed where ever the tag {para series} appears in the site content. Note that content will only be replaced if that phrase has been set to "Published" and the redTEXTLIBRARY content plug-in is enabled, otherwise the tag will appear as is.


You can use redTEXTLIBRARY phrases within Joomla! content, such as categories and articles. They also work within many third-party components, such as K2, Zoo and Flexi Content. While they will also work within other redCOMPONENTs, extensions such as redEVENT, redBOOKING and redSHOP already come with their own inbuilt versions of redTEXTLIBRARY.

Note that redTEXTLIBRARY only replaces phrases stored in component pages; it will not replace any phrases stored in a custom HTML module, for example.



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